Sardinia and Sicily Luxury Explorer

2019 Dates 

11 June to 20 June, 10 Days | 9 Nights

12 October to 21 October, 10 Days | 9 Nights

(5 day options available – click here to request information)


Starting in Sardinia and traveling through both Sardinia and Sicily this amazing adventure showcases the best of everything that the Islands of the South of Italy have to offer.

These beautiful islands have seduced travellers for  millennia; with their dazzling diversity of ancient cuisine, wine, landscapes and cultural treasures. There is so much to see and do in Sardinia and Sicily and we know you have limited time so we have curated the best of both islands into this one vacation. The best food, the best wine, the best hotels, the best cycling; the very best of everything.

So join us as we explore both Sardinia and Sicily by bike.

More Information

Rider Type: Enthusiast

Hotel style*: 4 – 5 Star Luxury

Maximum Guests: 10 persons

AUD 8,499 p.p. twin share
EUR 5,250 p.p. twin share
GBP 4,650 p.p. twin share
USD 5,999 p.p. twin share
Single occupancy option: 20 % of the purchase price
Deposit: 25% of the purchase price
Balance: 90 days prior to tour commencement (installment option available)

Start: Alghero, Sicily
Finish: Catania, Sicily

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Tour highlights

4 staff for 10 guests including professional ride guide, soigneur and mechanical support

All Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners (including Beer and Wine) included

Tackle the 12 mile climb up Mt Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe at over 6,000 feet elevation

Expert cycling route designs

All Sports nutrition provided (bars, gels and electrolytes)

Supported, on-line training plan included to prepare you for your epic adventure

Total ride distance, 1,070 km (665 miles)

Total climbing, 11,150 metre (36,500 feet)

Day 1 - Arrive Alghero

We will collect you from Alghero airport and transport you to the Hotel Alma di Alghero. Once we arrive we will assist you with hotel check-in and bike building before we head out for a spin to shake the travel out of your legs.

As is our custom, we will meet over a drink (Aperitivo) before dinner and then walk to la Lepanto for a group dinner with all guests and staff. Aperitivo is a daily ritual; stimulates the appetite and prepares you for the culinary delights we have planned for every night of this tour. It is also the perfect time to plan for tomorrow and relive the highlights of the day .

Tonight we will feast at la Lepanto; one of our favourite restaurants and we could not think of a better choice to introduce you to the special hospitality and cuisine of Sardinia.

Today’s Ride:

We have a short 25 km recovery ride planned for today.

Shorter Option:

No shorter option today

HotelHotel Alma di Alghero

Included Meals: Lunch | Dinner

Day 2 - Alghero to Olbia

Today we have planned a rolling route that features a constant series of ups and downs along the northern coast of the Sardinia. The final climb is at San Pantaleo which is 20 kilometres before our finish point. The climb is 5km long with 3km at an 8% average and then the route undulates again until the finish in Olbia. The shorter route follows the same course but starts in Castelsardo.

We will dine in the hotel/resort tonight. We have a great deal of choice and will leave our options open and choose depending on the weather conditions because there is abundant alfresco dining options.

Today’s Ride:

Alghero to Olbia
Approximately 145 km with 1,200 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

Castelsardo to Olbia
Approximately 95km with 900 metres elevation


Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 3 - Olbia to Tortoli

No matter which ride option you choose today, the route starts flat before we tackle Passo Genna Silana. This climb was used in the 2016 Giro d’Italia and proved to be a real challenge, especially for the sprinters in the group. The last 50km is easier with mostly descents or flat sections, but it is quite technical and offers magnificent vistas of the Tyrrhenian sea as we make our way down to our magnificent accommodation tucked into the coastline just north of Tortoli. Our shorter route starts in the coastal town of La Caretta, is flat for around 35 km before we commence Passo Genna Silana. With more than 1,200 metres climbing you will certainly deserve your massage at the end of todays ride.

Lanthia resort is a hidden gem nestled into the hinterland but only a short walk to the sea. The buildings, decor, surrounding landscape, friendly service and  beautiful food combine to make this one of our favourite locations anywhere in the world.

Today’s Ride:

Olbia to Tortoli
Approximately 170 km with 1,500 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

La Caletta to Tortoli
Approximately 110 km with 1,200 metres elevation

Hotel: Lanthia Resort

Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 4 - Tortoli to Cagliari

This is our final ride in Sardinia so we have planned a route that highlights the coast but also the rugged interior mountains of this majestic island. Both options start along the coast and then climb into the Sette Fratelli – Monte Genis regional park before descending into Cagliari (Bay of the Angels). We will stop along the way for our customary coffee with the locals and absorb a bit more of the hospitality that the Sardinian’s are renowned for. By now you will be proficient at ordering a coffee and a cake in the local dialect.

We will take the overnight Ferry from Cagliari to Palermo which departs at 7:30 pm so we will have a picnic dinner before boarding.

Today’s Ride:

Tortoli to Cagliari
Approximately 150 km with 1,200 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

Porto Tramatzu to Cagliari
Approximately 80 km with 600 metres elevation

Hotel: Over night Ferry from Cagliari to Palemo

Included Meals: BreakfastLunch | Dinner

Day 5 - Palermo to Trapani

We will disembark the ferry in the support vehicles and drive to our start point as the disembarkation is chaotic and generally unsafe for cyclists. However, once we do commence our ride we will be rewarded with your first introduction to a beautiful range of Sicilian scenery as we bridge the small hills out of Palermo and ride along the northern coast of Sicily towards Trapani.

From Trapani you will say goodbye to your bikes for the night as we will take a ferry to the island of Favignana to check into our luxury accommodation; Cave Bianchi Hotel. Cave Bianchi is a unique Luxury hotel created in the midst of the largest calcarenite quarry on the Island. Covering 3,000 square metres the hotel has a resort feel and is always hard to leave.

Today’s Ride:

Palermo to Trapani
Approximately 95 km with 1,200 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

No shorter option today

Hotel: Cave Bianche Hotel (Favignana)

Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 6 - Mazara del Vallo to Agrigento

We have planned for a leisurely start to the day with a later than usual breakfast, ferry ride to Trapani and then a one hour car ride to Mazara del Vallo where we will have lunch. Mazara del Vallo is the home of the largest fishing fleet in Italy. Founded by the Phonecians in 9th century BC the city still has a thriving Casbah and even has a school in which only Arabic and French languages are taught. Given all the cultural influences it is an amazing place to visit and eat.

After lunch we will ride to Agrigento along the coast with the Mediterranean as our constant companion. The course is rolling and we anticipate over 4 hours in the saddle so the constant up and down will certainly test the legs.

Today’s Ride:

Mazara del Vallo to Agrigento
Approximately 115 km with 1,100 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

No shorter option today

Hotel: Baglio Della Luna

Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 7 - Agrigento to Caltagirone

We leave the sea today and head inland into the rural farming heartland of Sicily abundant with Olive Groves, Vineyards and Fruit orchards. Even though we are traveling away from the sea the breeze carries the beautiful aroma of the sea mixed with exotic spices. The route is hilly but we never climb above 500 metres as we make our way towards Caltagirone and tonights hotel, Vecchia Masseria (Old Farmhouse).

Vecchia Masseria is both a typical and an extraordinary rural estate, a symbol of and a monument to the local peasant community dating back to 1856. Surrounded by 2000 hectares of woodlands inside the archaeological nature reserve of the Ganzaria Mountain, it has overlooked the plain of Gela for almost 3 centuries.

Today’s Ride:

Agrigento to Caltagirone
Approximately 140 km with 1,700 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

Approximately 110 km with 1250 metres elevation

Hotel: Vecchia Masseria

Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 8 - Caltagirone to Catania

We will have breakfast at our hotel and then ride into the town of Caltagirone for coffee and some sightseeing. This ancient town has one of the best mosaics in the world embedded into a beautiful staircase. We will climb out of Caltagirone to Monte del Bosco (mountain of the forest) and then onto Catania, at the foot of Mt Etna. Apart from the forest the terrain is quite similar to yesterday and just a sheer pleasure to be outside in this stunning part of the world.

We will check into Romano House Hotel; one of our favourites. Part of the Romano Collection, the Romano House is just a few steps from the central Via Etnea and the Duomo so we are right in the heart of all the action if you have the energy to party.

Today’s Ride:

Caltagirone to Catania
Approximately 110 km with 800 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

No shorter option today

HotelRomano House Hotel

Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 9 - Catania to Catania

Today we climb the fabled Mt Etna. Both groups will ascend the mountain from the South and descend the Eastern section but the longer group will ride a large part of the course used by the Giro d’Italia in both 2016 and 2017 coming in from Paterno. It is impossible to describe the feeling of riding through forest and then into areas of solidified and molten lava flow ; you just need to experience it for yourself.

No matter which option you choose today the memory of climbing this magnificent mountain will stay with you for many, many years to come.

Today’s Ride:

Catania to Catania
Approximately 120 km with 2,200 metres elevation

Shorter Option:

Approximately 85 km with 1,900 metres elevation

Hotel:  Romano House Hotel

Included Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 10 - Depart Catania

Unfortunately our island hoping adventure ends today. The days schedule is dependent on your flight time and we do have a recovery ride option if you have time.

Either way we will help you pack your bike and drop you to the airport where we are certain you will start to plan your next adventure with us as we Explore the World by Bike.

Today’s Ride:

Catania to Catania
Approximately 25 km

Included Meals: Breakfast