Travel Tips – Packing your bike

Tips to help you get the most out of your precious vacation time


Making sure your bike arrives in one piece and that you have all of your equipment is fundamental to your cycling holiday. we’ve asked the Pro’s to give us some insight into how they manage this part of the trip.

Two Professional Riders, Alder and Ben travel the world riding, and unlike their World Tour counterparts these guys travel with their bikes. 


Top 3 tips from Alder Martz

 1. Carry your shoes and pedals on the plane at a minimum. Those are hardest to replace. I also put my Garmin in my carry-on because if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen!

 2. Pack your bike in a dedicated bike bag or box to make sure it’s secure and doesn’t move inside. If that isn’t possible, use bubble wrap, extra clothes, or foam tubes to suspend the bike in the box and keep it in one place.

 3. After checking the bike bag in, don’t leave it at the counter. Carry it to over-sized check-in or wait until someone comes to take it away. Make sure it’s been taken care of. Then you can relax and go have a coffee!


Top 3 tips from Ben Hill

1. Get a bike bag/box with solid side. Hard plastic is good because it’s strong and light. Or one with a solid base you strap the bike onto so it doesn’t move.

2. Take off anything that could get damaged when the bike gets thrown around in transit such as derailleur or Garmin.

3. Use bubble wrap, it stops everything rubbing and scrapping on each other and weighs nothing.