Leave the planning to us – Business or Pleasure – We create unforgettable experiences.

Business or pleasure; pre-planned tours do not always meet your specific needs which is why we have developed GO CUSTOM. Our acclaimed planners will create the perfect itinerary based on your specifications and our primary objective is always to surpass your expectations. Whether for business or pleasure you can rely on our GO CUSTOM team to deliver the experience that is perfect for your needs.

Families and Friends

We recognise there are times when you only want to share your travel experience with your family or close friends. We also recognise that cycling may only be part of the experience that you want to share with them. That is why we select planners with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and the reason we target specific areas of the world to deliver our tours. No matter if you are looking for a cultural experience in the orient or horseback riding in the mountains of Italy we can put together an experience that you and your family or friends will never forget.

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Sales Incentives

You want to reward your best performers but you also want to build better relationships, loyalty to your brand and excitement about the reward for achieving the goal. What better way to incentivise your sales force than to offer a cycling tour in some of the most amazing locations on the planet. Why cycling; mental health, physical health, fitness and stronger relationships and the certainty that the reward will be remembered for a long time to come. We can deliver your sales incentive in many parts of the globe and for large or small groups.

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Okay, so you have caught up at the conference with crowds milling and crammed meeting schedule but did you really connect with them. You have made a big investment to attend the conference or trade show so why not be a bit strategic, add a few days on to the end of you trip, invite key contacts to a Business on the Bike tour in advance and take the opportunity to really cement the relationship. Nothing and we mean nothing builds better relationships faster than riding together. The shared experience of cycling in a small group is a fast track to a better and stronger relationship and we cater to all levels of fitness and skill so we will make sure that you can leverage from the experience.

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Corporate retreats and seminars

We know it is important for you to make the most of your corporate retreat or seminar. It is a big investment so you need to achieve the key company objectives but it is also important to bring the team together; to increase the personal bonds that are so important to success with a distributed workforce in a rapidly changing business environment. That is why we suggest you build some activities into your schedule and the most powerful activity for building relationships is cycling. We can create itineraries that will allow you to meet your business and development objectives and we can cater for people of all fitness and skill levels.

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Your tour, your choice

All of our itineraries are built with maximum flexibility in mind. There are always ride options for you to choose from and you can choose to complete as much or as little of these as you like – just let one of your hosts know and they’ll arrange it. If you don’t feel like riding at all you can relax by the pool or join our sightseeing guests. As a sightseeing guest you also have total flexibility. You can choose all or part of our itinerary or let us know if you have a special interest and we will find sights just for you.

Business on the Bike

At SEARCH SPORTS GLOBAL we understand the Business of Sport. Cycling is in our DNA and we have been in the business of cycling for nearly 10 years so we understand the power of cycling to create and cement better relationships as well as encourage health and fitness. There are many reasons why “cycling is the new golf” and more and more business’ are taking advantage of this global phenomenon to build stronger networks, healthier staff and more dynamic and cohesive teams. Cycling as part of a group forms and cements social bonds so if you want a better business with healthier staff and more effective teams we suggest that you look at building “Business on the Bike” into your business. Whether it be Sales Incentives, Corporate Retreats and Seminars or post conference Networking you can rely on SEARCHTRAVEL to create the perfect experience for you and your business needs.