We are not your average cycling tour company.

SEARCHTRAVEL is a premium tour operator specialising in cycling tours for people who want to Explore the World by Bike. We cater for enthusiasts and avid cyclists and we even cater for sightseeing partners with separate, specialised itineraries. Don’t worry if you want to come alone; we can assure you that you will find kindred spirits to share the adventure with.

We deliver active holidays, from the once-in-a-lifetime trip in bucket-list destinations through to short escapes. All of our tours are expertly designed and hand crafted by the SEARCHTRAVEL team – with each destination, route and experience carefully chosen, so you get the most out of your holiday!

  • About the tours

  • Our tours are created by locals and feature hard-to-find places, events and experiences. We specialise in tours for cycling enthusiasts; whether you are after pro style rides as an avid cyclist, or just want to experience the rich cultural and culinary delights of the region. We focus as much attention on the food, wine, art and rich culture as we do on the amazing rides offered within the regions we travel to.

    The mantra for the tour design team is to create amazing, memorable experiences for our guests as they Explore teh World by Bike. Our hosts aren’t just cycling and travel experts – they have backgrounds from professional cycling to specialists in the Arts and literature so you can be sure you are in experienced hands from the day you arrive to the day you depart.


  • Like many business’ SEARCHTRAVEL was born out of passion. In our case it was a passion for cycling, travelling and Exploring the World by Bike.

    Having created many amazing trips for themselves, their families and their friends, our founders were encouraged to combine their businesses with their passion and create SEARCHTRAVEL.

    Each and every tour is fully researched and expertly designed to ensure that our guests enjoy the best of everything that each region has to offer.

  • About the Company


    SEARCH SPORTS GLOBAL operates a number of sports related businesses across Australia Asia and Europe, including;

    SEARCHTRAVEL The newest member of the SEARCH SPORTS GLOBAL delivering outstanding travel experiences throughout the regions of Italy, France, Spain, Cyprus and Japan.

    SEARCH TALENT Sports management group managing some of the worlds brightest and best emerging cycling talent.

    SEARCH APPAREL Australia, New Zealand and South East Asian distributors of Marcello Bergamo range of Collection and Customised Italian Cycling Apparel.